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  • The Roof of the World: A group of first aid warriors in the Himalayas

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First aid Warriors


Shigaze (a city of Tibet Autonomous Region, China)

       Shigaze, a city in Tibet, is located in the southwest border of China, with an average altitude of more than 4000 meters. It has a population of 750K, including one municipal district and 17 counties.Mount Everest --- the world's highest peak, its northern slope is located within Shigaze city.



       Today, on this snowy plateau, a group of first aid warriors arrived, from the sea level in Shenzhen to the plateau of 4500 meters. Senior engineers and professors of Ambulanc (Shenzhen) Tech. Co., Ltd, who endured a strong plateau reaction, sent the best quality equipment and professional first aid technology to 115 medical staff in Shigaze, Tibet. They also delivered the world's top CPR technology!

Advanced equipment, professional guidance



       Recalling the unforgettable trip --- the bending mountain roads, the pure and thorough blue sky, the palpable white clouds, but in this charming scenery, it bears the plateau reaction from 4500 meters and strong plateau ultraviolet rays, which fully reflect the hardship and coldness of the environment in Shigaze. But this has not stopped our footsteps, praise for our warriors! Ambulanc people will never stop serving people in Shigaze city.

The umbrella seems not be able to withstand the ultraviolet rays on the plateau......




       In this vivid and wonderful training, we was deeply impressed. At the installation site, the students gathered and listened carefully, made study notes, and conducted hands-on operations, only for faster application to emergency scenes in the future.



Jiangzi County Health Bureau, Lazi County Health Bureau, Saga County Health Bureau, Dingri County Health Bureau, Yadong County Health Bureau, Xietongmen County Health Bureau, equipped with 61 vehicles and corresponding medical equipment and facilities.


Bailang County Health Bureau, Sangzhuzi District Health Bureau, Angren County Health Bureau, Nanmulin County Health Bureau, Nyalamu County Health Bureau, Renbu County Health Bureau, Kangma County Health Bureau of Gangba County Health Bureau, Dingjie County Health Bureau and Jilong County Health Bureau, equipped with 74 vehicles and corresponding vehicle-mounted medical equipment and facilities.

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