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  • The World's First 5G Ventilator of Ambul successfully showcased in Zhejiang, China

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    On May 19, 2020, Shenzhen Ambul assisted Jinhua Central Hospital to carry out a pre-hospital first-aid exercise of 5G. For the special period of the epidemic, the doctors in the hospital can remotely control the ventilator parameters of the ambulance, so that the "emergency patients" can get the most professional treatment.




    At present, Ambul T5 ventilator supports the 5G technology globally, meets the new global pre-hospital rescue standard, builds and improves the intelligent rescue system, and achieves the full coverage of global emergency sites. Jinhua Central Hospital is one of the first batches of pilot hospitals for 5G pre-hospital emergency projects, accelerating the practical application of 5G pre-hospital emergency, effectively shortening the emergency rescue time, improving the emergency rescue efficiency, and promoting the development of 5G Wise Information Technology of 120.


    Ambul T5 ventilator sets rescue, transport, treatment in one, has 5G remote control and display and multi-language voice navigation intelligent alarm system functions; With multiple ventilation modes, volume control and pressure control are combined, it can better synchronize ventilation with patients. Its regulating function of endogenous PEEP is suitable for both more patients with respiratory dysfunction and critically ill patients. In addition, it's rich ventilation modes, the high-flow oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation, and invasive ventilation, can meet the needs of different conditions of the same patient.



    At present, the development of emergency medicine in China is still in the primary stage and the development between rural and urban areas is extremely unbalanced, many places need to be improved. The situation of the irrational structure of emergency medical personnel and inadequate equipment configuration is still serious. Without a specialist or a general practitioner on-site, Ambul T5 ventilator can transmit the patient's vital signs and critical alarm information to the remote experts through the wireless network, and get expert remote guidance, which is very important to save the patient's life. In addition, remote monitoring can also enable the hospital to learn about the patient's condition at once, formulate the rescue plan in advance and make resource preparation, so as to realize the seamless connection between pre-hospital first aid and in-hospital treatment.


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