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Tributes to Heroes of Epidemic COVID19

    On the wonderful evening of January 23rd, 2021, AMBULANC (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. organized a Award Ceremony  to tribute " the Heroes of Pandemic COVID19 " at the Headquarters located at Skyworth Innovation Valley, Baoan, Shenzhen, China. 

     Amoul® is globally well-known as quality medical devices manufacturer. Since last 20 years, the company is innovating life support products & solutions for healthcare workers & patients around the globe. Especially In 2020, Ambulanc Technology made outstanding contributions to control the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The company achieved 500% growth over last year . Mr. Tom dedicated this success to the employees for their unity, dedication, and hard work.

    “ All my Amoul® team members always stay true to our soul inspiration and work harder as front-line fighter against the epidemic.” (President Mr. Tom Wang Said) .  In the event, AMBULANC leaders and executives shared their warmest greetings to the front-line employees of coronavirus struggling across the country . The ceremony was also broadcasted live. The Awards were given to The outstanding teams and individuals, including Outstanding Teams of 2020, Outstanding Employees, 5-year Service Stars and 10-year Service Stars. One Million Yuan bonus awarded to International Pioneer of Covid-19. 

  The President Special reward of BMW cars rewarded to outstanding Domestic anti-epidemic front-line Heroes from Sichuan branch, Xinjiang branch, Henan branch, Liaoning branch, and Heilongjiang branch. “ In 2021, all members of Ambulanc keep energetic , forward thinking, stick to your post, work harder to create new achievements and excellence, and struggle for Amoul® goal "Technology wins time for life!’ “ (President Mr. Tom Wang said)

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