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Video Laryngoscope

● Safety: the display screen is designed with shatterproof protection material;Handle adopts anti-bacteria design;The disposable lens adopts sterilization packaging to improve safety and prevent cross infection.The repeatable lens is made of unique 316 medical stainless steel with high bending strength and no risk of breaking. It has passed IPX8 waterproof rating test and can be soaked and disinfected in deep water

● Quick: intubation can be performed after starting the machine. The lens adopts a unique fog-proof design, which saves time for emergency intubation without preheating.Can quickly replace a variety of specifications of the lens

● High definition: 3.5 inch full view, no glare display, improve the viewing Angle, broad vision, eliminate blind area;With 2 million CMOS cameras, the glottis can be clearly seen, which can reduce the damage to the laryngeal tissue during operation

● Convenient: rechargeable lithium battery design, single charge can last more than 200 minutes;Can be external HD interface display, can export images, photos, a key to record the classic cases of intubation teaching and economic research

● Economy: 316 medical stainless steel lens can be used more than 1000 times

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