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Vein Finder

Ordinary puncture / Indwelling needle puncture: Emergency, Outpatient, Pediatrics,  ICU, Gynecology, Oncology, Geriatrics,  Dermatology, Hemodialysis Centers. Suitable for all superficial veins, especially for low vascular filling, insufficient blood volume, poor vessel elasticity, difficult-to-recognize veins due to thick subcutaneous fat layer or subcutaneous edema. It helps improve the success rate of the first puncture and improve efficiency.

Blood collection: Laboratory, ambulance.

Surgery - vascular surgery: varicosity treatment Cosmetic medicine – Cosmetic and plastic: to avoid blood vessels, reduce risk of complications such as infection or embolism.


Deep mode

Advanced depth detection mode, convenient for medical personnel to evaluate the depth of vessels


Enhanced mode

Greater vascular visualization ability, can positively find tiny and difficult-to-find vessels


Low power consumption

With low power-consumption hardware design, the device supports very long working time


Mounting bracket

Two kinds of mounting brackets are provided (fixed bracket or mobile bracket)


Suitable for

All kinds of patients, such as child, patients with dark skin, tumor, dropsy, etc…

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